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Forestry Mulching

Brush Clearing

Removal of brush by using a mulcher head attached to a skid-steer loader.

Overgrown Vegetation

Removal of small trees and bushes that have become nuisances.

Blackberry Removal

Removal of Blackberry bushes above ground. Optional- in ground root grinding.

Fence Line Clearing

Help surveyors get access to your fence line by removing overgrown brush.

Field/Pasture Restoration

Let us rough clear your land so you can finish with your brush hog or a mower.

Access Roads/Trail Clearing

Accessibility to inaccessible areas of your property.

Land Clearing Cost per Acre

In general, you can expect to pay from $400 to $6,000 per acre to clear land.  A forestry mulcher is used to cut down brush and trees, leaving fine mulch that can be spread across the ground. The cost to clear land is heavily dependent on the size of the land.  The chart below highlights the cost to clear land based on the land size in acres.

If you’re looking for experienced Forestry Mulching in Vancouver, Battle Ground, Hazel Dell, Salmon Creek, Orchards, Brush Prairie, Dollars Corner, Camas, Washougal and Portland or the surrounding areas, look no further than Land Clearing NW LLC. Land Clearing NW LLC is your trusted name for all your land clearing needs. We are a family-owned business dedicated to your satisfaction on every project. Seniors and Veterans — get a 10% discount when you choose us for your land clearing needs. Call today for a free estimate.

For more information about our services, be sure to reach out to our professional forestry mulching in Vancouver, Battle Ground, Hazel Dell, Salmon Creek,Orchards, Brush Prairie, Dollar Corner, Camas, Washougal and Portland or the surrounding areas. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

About Forestry Mulcher Machine

A Forestry Mulching Machine is the right tool that fills that gap when brush and trees are too big for a tractor with a brush-hog, but you don’t want to damage your soil using large dozers or excavators.

Forestry Mulching is essentially a ONE-STEP process for clearing brush and trees. The woody material is mulched down into a soil-friendly, nutrient-rich mulch that decomposes back into your soil.

Forestry Mulching also cuts down all material flush to the soil surface, so there are no hazardous stumps or sharp staubs that can damage your equipment. 

Forestry Mulching typically leaves the area ready to disc and plant seeds. Soil stays intact. Nothing to pile. Nothing to burn. No unsightly wood piles. 

What is Forestry mulching?

Forestry Mulching is a modern land clearing method that uses a specific type of equipment to shred vegetation, trees and brush. Forestry mulching has quickly become the industry standard for the management of woody vegetation and debris This type of land clearing is very Eco-friendly as there is little disturbance of the topsoil, or root systems of wanted trees and no burning or hauling. Forestry Mulching has also eliminated the need to bring in so many heavy duty pieces of equipment such as bulldozers and excavators. These heavier machines often lead to soil compaction and soil erosion and require permits. 

What happens to the mulched material?

The mulched material is left on the ground and acts as a ground cover/soil erosion control. Eventually it will break down overtime and replace vital nutrients to the soil. It can also be scraped and removed for grass seed planting if needed. Depending on how the customer wants to use their land. 

When is the best time to have my land forestry mulched?

Anytime is a good time for forestry mulching and reclaiming your land. We work in all seasons. In the winter and spring when the foliage and leaves have fallen our visibility is clearer. This makes it a little easier on us as we can see what is on the ground. However, it doesn’t have an effect on our ability to forestry mulch in any season.

When can the land be used?

The land can be used immediately. There are no large holes or mess left behind like other land clearing methods. 

What makes Forestry Mulching better than traditional land clearing methods?

Forestry Mulching has quickly become the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to clear land by far. In most cases the need to remove the entire root system of the tree is just not necessary. By mulching the trees and vegetation where they stand and leaving the root system in place, it greatly reduces the risk of soil erosion and impact on the surrounding environment. This is important because the soil is the foundation for anything you are going to do to the land whether building, seeding or planting.The mulched material can be left on the ground and will act as an erosion barrier while returning nutrients back into the soil through decomposition. This type of land clearing also eliminates many other steps involved in land clearing such as  site prep, cutting/felling/hauling, and site cleanup. Forestry mulching eliminates the need for other heavier duty equipment which reduces emissions and cost for the consumer. All in all forestry mulching saves the consumer money and time. 

How many acres a day can be cleared?

The amount of acres that can be cleared per day depends on the amount of trees and their diameter. If the area is mostly brush, it will take a lot less time to go through than 10 trees. Acres cleared can range from 1 -10+ per day.

What type of equipment do you use?

We use Kubota Skid Steer SVL 97 and a top of the line Fecon mulching head that is outfitted with knives in the center and we have carbides on the outer portion of the drum. This gives us the best of both worlds, durability and a finer product for the customer. 

What are some factors you use to determine cost?

Some factors that determine cost include; diameter of the trees, the number of trees verses brush, acreage, landscape (steep areas, lots of rocks), species of trees (hardwood vs cedar) etc.

How much does this typically cost ?

Forestry mulching can range slightly in the area. We price each job on a thorough evaluation and walk through of the area needing to be cleared with the customer. That way we completely understand what the customer is looking for. 

Will grass grow through the mulch or will cut trees grow back?

The layer of mulch will suppress weeds and grass for a period of time after mulching. However, as the material breaks down there will be weeds that grow up. This can be taken care of with a mower/bush hog. Cut cedar trees will not grow back. Hardwood trees have the ability to send out shoots/small trees. Again these can be mowed down or if wanting to completely prevent them from growing back we can stump grind certain trees. 

Are there any special permits needed?

No special permits are required. If you live in an area that is under forestry preservation you might need to check to make sure you can have some of the area cleared.

Forestry Mulching is an Eco-Friendly method to clearing land. It preserves and builds the topsoil layer, doesn’t involve burning or create brush piles and recycles the existing biomass. Forestry Mulching is accomplished with a variety of equipment, usually tracked, and specially fitted with rotary cutting drums that resemble giant rolling pins with teeth. Forestry Mulching gives your land that Park-Like Appearance. Advantages by processing trees and other vegetation where they stand, mulching machines eliminate many of the steps involved in land clearing such as site prep, cutting/felling/hauling, and site clean up. Over time, with the proper steps, grass will naturally grow through the mulch and can be maintained with mowing.

During the process, we will safely remove unwanted brush, undergrowth and trees by turning trees and vegetation into soil-enriched mulch without damage to soil and root structures. Our experience and equipment ensures your project will be done right and on schedule. We explain the project to you, so you can understand the process and we treat you with the courtesy and respect you deserve.

Forestry Mulchers can be used for residential and commercial land clearing projects such as site preparation (for future development, homes, buildings, etc.), cutting and clearing brush and/or invasive species, nature and recreational trail creation, and much more.

Some invasive plant species can invade a natural habitat, soaking up the groundwater, causing them to be removed to reestablish the natural habitat. Proactive mulching can reduce the long term stress on trees caused by crowding in turn controlling the spread of invasive species, plants, and even fungus. Mulching machines are capable of clearing land of unwanted trees and brush with limited disturbance to soils and/or desirable vegetation.

The mulched material can be left on the ground and rough graded to act as an erosion barrier while returning nutrients back into the soil. Over time, if you prefer, grass will naturally grow through the mulch (or through the process of seeding and watering during planting seasons) and can be maintained with mowing. 

Give us a call to discuss your eco-friendly land clearing options.

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