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Land Clearing NW

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Land Clearing NW

About Us

What we do and who we are…

We’re a family-owned business in Battle Ground, Washington, called Land Clearing NW. We can help you get full access to your land or property by forestry mulching, stump grinding, blackberry removal, brush control and other environmentally friendly services. At Land Clearing NW,  w e love making sure that all of our work goes above and beyond what our customers expect, and we’re proud of how well we do all of our jobs. We’d love the chance to help make your land beautiful and usable again. Please get in touch with us today to get a free quote!

At LandClearingNW, we are passionate about transforming landscapes into functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. With years of expertise in the land development sector, we understand the nuances and intricacies of various land clearing challenges and are equipped to tackle them head-on.

Our Comprehensive Services:

Land Clearing: We provide comprehensive land clearing services that transform cluttered and overgrown areas into clean and usable spaces. Whether you have a plot for residential development or a larger scale agricultural or commercial venture, we ensure that every inch of the land is prepped and ready for your next step.

Brush Removal: Unwanted and dense brushes can hinder development and become a breeding ground for pests. Our specialized equipment and skilled team can swiftly remove these obstructions, ensuring that the land is clean and healthy.

Stump Grinding: Leftover stumps from past tree removals can be an eyesore and a hazard. Our stump grinding service not only removes these remnants but also ensures that the land remains fertile for future growth.

Forestry Mulching: This eco-friendly approach to land clearing recycles the forest floor’s organic materials. By mulching the vegetation, we return nutrients back to the soil, promoting a healthier environment for new plantings.

Blackberry Removal: Blackberries, though delicious, can be invasive and challenging to manage. Our specialized removal technique ensures that these resilient plants are eradicated from your property, preventing their rapid return.

At LandClearingNW, our commitment to excellence, combined with our extensive range of services, ensures that every project we undertake is completed to the highest standards. We understand the value of your land and are dedicated to preserving its health and beauty while preparing it for your desired purpose.

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We take care of your land as if it were our own, giving it the utmost care, respect, and attention to detail with every service. We know that doing a lot of work on a large piece of land can be daunting. That’s why we work with you to come up with a plan that addresses your immediate concerns, that takes into account long-term benefits, and is good for the environment too. We stand behind the quality of our work, and we won’t leave until you’re completely happy with the service we gave you. Our team has the experience, equipment, and knowledge needed to transform your property.



Reliable & Trustworthy

We are proud of the quality of our work and promise to finish every project on time, every time.

Local & Family Owned

We care about our comm and the people in it. We are not a “fly-by-night” business, so you can depend on us.

Professional Equipment

Our team of experts at land clearing is licensed to run our high-tech equipment, which makes sure the project goes smoothly.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our 8+ years of expertise means that we won’t be content till you are, and then some! We finish the job right!